Non Alcoholic Natural Ginger Concentrates

All Natural ingredients, zero additives, self-processed!

Original Taste, Natural Booster, Healthy Kick Drink

100% Taste. 100% Natural. 100% Kick.

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Our non alcoholic natural ginger concentrates are made from self-pressed organic ginger, organic herbs, and spices, so level up your drinking experiences. Buy one bottle of ginger concentrate and use it in multiple ways to stay active, fit, and healthy inside out.


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Discover the first PREMIUM NATURAL GINGER CONCENTRATE with herbs and spices made in the UAE. 

Premium Ginger Concentrate

Premium Ginger Concentrate

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Tropical Ginger Concentrate

Tropical Ginger Concentrate

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Smart Solution To Prepare Multiple Drinks From One Concentrate

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Just bought and drank it as it is

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Mix a few drops in your tea

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Flavor up your sparkling water or fresh juices

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Prepare a mocktail and sip the best flavour

Natural Taste Adventure with our premium natural ginger concentrate

In a world full of artificial and alcohol-rich drinks, we are connecting our new generation to our basics through our non alcoholic natural ginger concentrates and more. We are on a mission to offer drinks with all-natural ingredients, no more junk, just the healthy stuff, and on top of most, all handcrafted in our kitchen. Keeping it close to nature and nature is all that we are trying to offer. Kick Drink is saying loudly no to fancy chemicals or artificial flavours, and the alternatives are just pure, wholesome goodness in every drop.

Get ready for an explosion of natural taste and ingredients so try canned sparkling water! Think spicy root (ginger), tangy lemon, and a blend of herbs and spices. It’s like a taste of UAE’s healthiest kitchens, right in your bottle of concentrate, a cup of tea, a glass of passion fruit mocktail, or truly hard sparkling water.

Join Kick Drink and elevate your drinking experience with healthy ingredients. Get a taste of our premium ginger tea concentrates and experience refreshment like never before.


Scientifically Proved Health Benefits Of Natural Ginger Concentrates

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Our Subscriptions

Kick drink is created out passion for a healthy lifestyle.

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The Original 500ml

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The Tropical 500ml

From: AED125.00 / month

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