About Us

The Origin

It’s all started with finding the healthy natural ginger concentrate, I could not find any drinks that fits to my requirements. It was hard to find the high-Quality drinks that’s worth your money. In the supermarkets you see all drinks that’s full off sugar or poor in the ingredients and the full of added water so you don’t realty drink a real drink.

The name KICK DRINK comes from the taste you get and what you are feeling when you are drinking it. That’s the 100% KICK you will get and feel with non alcoholic ginger drinks. 

We want to create popular natural ginger concentrate that full off taste and with full off real ingredients. As company for us is quality very important. We only put the best ingredients in our drinks.

sugar free non-alcoholic drinks
ginger concentrate drink recipes

Our Journey

Our journey to the best taste is because we source our own ingredients, and we want only the best. We believe in a sustainable approach to our production chain, one that respects both the planet and the people. We are using glass bottles that’s means no plastics.

Why we choose natural ginger concentrates? “Ginger is renowned for its remarkable health-promoting properties, owing to its abundant array of bioactive compounds. With over ten documented health benefits, ginger stands as a versatile and potent natural remedy. Moreover, sugar free non alcoholic drinks make it enjoy able for everyone

How it helps your body?

Helps manage blood sugar levels.

Relieves gas


Boost nutrient absorption.

Improve circulation.

Pain relief

Boost immune system.

Clear sinuses

Relieves muscle pain and joint.